Powershell DevOps Summit

My employer kindly paid for me to go to Bellevue, WA for the Powershell and DevOps Global Summit

It was great. I have pages of notes to parse but I was most excited about;

The maturity of DSCMicrosoft adopting an open source philosophyChefDon Jones' presentation on how DevOps can really worknanoserversPesterNow I need to parse my notes, deploy in dev and share on this site.


AWS Launch & Learn is a good way to get started with AWS.

AWS still seems to have the best, most mature cloud tools. The biggest challenge is selecting the applicable tools. Launch & Learn gives a good explanation of the basic tools.


Learned a new word, idempotency.
Learned about a framework that can help me with future rollouts, DSC.
Listened to a lot of Sonic Youth, still good.

Net Neutrality

The intersection of politics and tech is where humor goes to die.

I recommend that you leave this blog to watch John Oliver explain net neutrality. If you're already aware of the issue, Mr. Oliver may help you explain the issue to your friends without boring them to death.

Net neutrality is about more than fast home internet service, which the USA does not have. It's about our economy, competition for network providers and limiting barriers to entry for new web services.